What Commercial Dreams Are Made Of

DEGANZ members Perry Bradley and Harriett Maire (2023 Incubator) have a new commercial for Rainger & Rolfe and Honda out now. This is Harriett’s first time directing a car commercial, and she joined forces with TVC veteran Perry to work on the ad, promoting the launch of the new ZR-V e: HEV hybrid SUV.

Following a family trip in the new Honda, viewers will get a sense of what dreams are made of. Classical music played by the grandmother inspires her granddaughter to daydream about her own musical passions. Within their marketing, Honda aims to touch the hearts of their customers by appealing to their emotions. They often highlight how their cars can bring people together and take them where they want to go. As R&R CD Kelly Putter said:

The brief was to connect with the hearts, minds and aspirations of New Zealanders and I feel we’ve achieved this with some really bright, bold and emotive work.

You can watch the light-hearted Honda commercial of Perry and Harriett here.

Last updated on 24 May 2023