Watch Ow’s Heartwarming ‘Cheng Beng’ Online Now

DEGANZ member and Incubator 2021 Alum Hweiling Ow‘s heartwarming 3D animated short, Cheng Beng, is available to watch online now! On the team, fellow member Léah McVeagh produced alongside Executive Producers Hweiling and Morgan Leigh Stewart.

The film was made as part of the Unreal Engine Short Film Challenge, where teams were given just eight weeks to produce their finished shorts using the Unreal Engine 5 software. The challenge also included two weeks of training with the software, showing them how to incorporate it into the animation workflow.

Cheng Beng follows the efforts of a lonely man in the afterlife as he tries to communicate with his family on Earth through the Taoist ritual of zhi-zha. While his family means well by offering him material goods each year, he must find a way to tell them what he truly desires – a dog to keep him company. This film explores Chinese tradition and afterlife through its narrative and use of animation to visually inform the world.

Watch Cheng Beng now.