TVNZ Drops Beyond the Veil

Congratulations to our members involved with Beyond the Veil as the anthology series has dropped on TVNZ OnDemand. Episode 3, Tappy, was written and directed by DEGANZ member Tim Worrall. Mia Maramara (DEGANZ) is behind the fourth episode, Albularyo, as both writer and director, while editor Brendon Chan (DEGANZ) cut the episode.

Beyond the Veil explores supernatural stories from the Māori, Pasifika, Filipino and Chinese people of Aotearoa. Episode 3 sees a hesitant young man embark on a road trip to fetch a body, while Episode 4 follows a Kiwi-Filipino doctor facing up to her troubled family dynamic.

Episodes of Beyond the Veil are dropping weekly on Mondays at 8:30 pm on TVNZ 2. But if you can’t wait to see it, the entire season is now streaming on TVNZ OnDemand.

Last updated on 10 March 2022