‘Turning the Tide’ Reveals What’s Happening Underneath the Surface of the Ocean

Turning the Tide is a new docu-series directed by Magnolia Lowe (DEGANZ), edited by fellow member Amanda Mulderry, and produced by DEGANZ’s own Tui Ruwhiu.

The six-part series examines the increasing stressors of human activity on the marine environment while highlighting the work of researchers, kaitiaki, and community members working to improve the health of Aotearoa’s seas. Each episode takes viewers to different parts of the country to discuss the current state of the ocean and what can be done to improve it. From research at local universities to discussing the importance of collaboration between Māori, government agencies, and other enterprises, the series underscores the collective effort required to protect our coastal marine systems for future generations.

RNZ’s Commissioning Manager Tim Burnell commented on the series:

Tauihu Media have done a wonderful job of bringing together a broad range of experts and by combining their knowledge with stunning visuals they help make the information easy to take in.”

All episodes of Turning the Tide are available to watch on RNZ now.

Last updated on 4 July 2024