Tuiburelevu’s ‘K-Polys’ Explores the World of K-Pop Fans in Aotearoa

DEGANZ members Litia Tuiburelevu, Josh Yong, and Isaiah Tour are at the helm of The Spinoff’s new documentary, K-Polys.

Directed by Litia, the 20-minute short is an intimate video portrait of three young Polynesians enchanted by K-Pop. It follows Boba, Ethan, and Ashley, delving into how K-Pop has influenced their lives, especially in relation to their Polynesian identities. From self-expression to community to a passion for dance, the music genre has uniquely impacted who they are.

Josh edited the series with Isaiah as assistant editor. Isaiah also created all the doco’s motion graphics.

K-Polys is available to watch on The Spinoff here.

Last updated on 27 March 2024