‘The Sea Inside Her’ Sea-ks Support

Want to see a 6-foot-long shark swim through a living room? DEGANZ members Alyx Duncan and Adam-Luka Turjak are raising funds through Boosted to do just that in their new silent film, The Sea Inside Her.

When a loving grandmother, left to care for her grandchild, has to cope with an unravelling bedtime routine, her deepest fears begin to take on physical forms. Desperate to protect her grandchild from the emerging dangers, the grandmother fights off the terrors surrounding them despite the emotional consequences.

Alyx directed the piece using her unique movement-led filmmaking, incorporating performers, puppets, and VFX to create lyrical surrealism within the frame. This style builds upon her previous short, The Tide Keeper, where she wove the fantastical and mundane together. Alyx is also one of three producers of the film, alongside Michele Powles, who wrote the piece, and Lani-rain Feltham.

Adam-Luka has been at the helm of the project’s post-production as the Editor, Post-Production Supervisor, and one of the Visual Effects Compositors.

The team is now looking to raise $8,000 to cover the project’s final costs, including removing puppeteers and strings and completing the final colour grade.

You can check out their Boosted campaign here!

Last updated on 7 November 2023