The Rehearsal Room Feedback and Photos

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We’ve had an awesome time at our last two Rehearsal Room sessions in Auckland and Wellington.

Joined by screen legend Ian Mune in Auckland and accomplished actor Peter Feeney in Wellington, actors and directors came together to workshop a number of fantastic scenes and hone their skills.

The Rehearsal Room brings together professional actors and directors – in a safe, supportive environment to PRACTISE working with each other on scenes. For each event 4 directors and 8 actors are randomly selected, and all members of the Directors & Editors Guild, Ngā Aho Whakaari and Actors Equity are welcome to attend as observers. Directors are asked to provide a two-character scene (2-4 pages) or, if you prefer, a scene will be provided for you. Directors and actors will receive scripts in advance. On the day, directors and actors spend time rehearsing their scenes, with emphasis on connection and content. After morning tea, participants block their scenes, before presenting them for shooting, followed by viewing and discussion.

We had some great feedback too:
“Best thing about The Rehearsal Room was being able to explore a scene in a safe space with other professionals.”
” A really great workshop- these should be run more frequently- it’s very valuable to get together to play, learn, and establish relationships.”
“I loved today. So much fun! Met some awesome people and hope to do another one soon. Thank you!”
“I really enjoyed getting to work with Ian Mune and hearing things from such an experienced professional.”
“I would definitely recommend!”
There are only three events left in 2014- and newly introduced is The Rehearsal Room in Christchurch with the fantastic David McPhail moderating!
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Last updated on 13 February 2018