‘The Moon is Upside Down’ is Out Now

DEGANZ member Loren Taylor‘s directorial debut, The Moon is Upside Down is out now in cinemas across Aotearoa.

The Kiwi dramedy follows the intersecting lives of three women as they each venture through unfamiliar landscapes, grappling with loneliness, isolation, and longing. Natalia, a mail-order bride from Siberia with dreams of running a cafe, arrives in Aotearoa to find the reality of her situation is far from what she was led to believe. Briar, a burnt-out anaesthetist, attempts to have a romantic weekend away with her long-time, online boyfriend despite their plans falling apart. Faith, a wealthy empty nester, goes to great lengths to honour a stranger’s life after unexpectedly coming into possession of their ashes.

Loren not only wrote and directed the film, but she also stars in it as Briar. Joining her in the stacked cast is Jemaine Clement (MacIntosh), Rachel House (Tuffy), Elizabeth Hawthorne (Faith), Robyn Malcolm (Hilary), Robbie Magasiva (Tim) and more.

The film has received critical acclaim in the festival rounds, winning Best First Feature Film at the PÖFF Tallinn Black Night Film Festival in 2023.

You can find screenings near you here.

Last updated on 8 May 2024