‘The Lost Boys of Dilworth’ Edited by Patterson

This news piece contains references to sexual abuse. Please proceed with care.

DEGANZ member Emma Patterson edited TVNZ’s new docu-drama, The Lost Boys of Dilworth.

The hour-long special uncovers the extensive history of abuse within the Auckland all-boys school following the 2023 Dilworth Inquiry and the ongoing impacts on the victims’ lives. The inquiry revealed the experiences of 177 former students and indicated the total number of victims is likely over 230. Mark Staufer, a former student and victim of abuse as a boarder in the 1970s, led the project as the writer and narrator.

The documentary features interviews with re-enactments, shot from the child’s perspective. Co-director Peter Burger shared with Stuff that the dramatised scenes accentuate the true impact of the abuse on the children, which is further emphasised by Emma’s editing.

While covering such dark subject matter, the documentary ultimately hopes to help break the silence around sexual violence.

The Lost Boys of Dilwoth is available to watch on TVNZ+.

Last updated on 24 April 2024