‘Teine’ and the Bonds that Bind Us

DEGANZ member Giselle Ilaoa celebrated the premiere of her debut short film Teine at the Third Culture Film Festival. The film screened as part of The Bonds that Bind Us programme, a collection of films with themes of putting family before oneself.

Teine focuses on the dutiful eldest daughter within a Samoan household. With the weight of her responsibility and expectations from her family, she struggles to maintain a grasp on her own aspirations in life.

Giselle shared with PISA,

Through ‘Teine’, I aim to share the profound alofa and respect I hold for the women in my life, my elders, and my Samoan heritage, and I hope audiences are able to watch it and feel the same connection woven throughout.

Congratulations Giselle!

Last updated on 14 March 2024