Te Wake Celebrates Community in ‘The Boy, The Queen and Everything in Between’

DEGANZ member Ramon Te Wake‘s new series The Boy, The Queen and Everything in Between is out now.

The series, co-directed, co-produced, and written by Ramon, follows Jacob, a young father fresh out of prison and in desperate need of a job. Dire circumstances push him to seek out his estranged father Max, Aotearoa’s most famous drag queen. While the titular boy and queen’s relationship is the show’s focal point, the show also delves into the Karangahape Road club Max runs and the community within and around it.

Ramon shares in an interview with Stuff that the series is a love letter to her community,

K’ Road will always be a source of inspiration for me for anything I do.

With Ramon at the helm, the production also prioritised authentic casting, wanting the queer roles to be “of lived experience.” Ramon has always been and continues to be a massive advocate for authentic representation of queer people on screen.

Celebrate K’ Road and the queer community with Ramon by watching The Boy, The Queen and Everything in Between on TVNZ+.

Last updated on 12 February 2024