Tansley Finds Success in Future and Past Projects

DEGANZ member Rebecca Tansley’s second film for the New Zealand Opera, The Strangest of Angels, is currently in pre-production. While her first film with NZO, Semele, was of the titular opera’s live performance, this new project will be filmed on location.

The Strangest of Angels is a new opera inspired by the life of internationally renowned New Zealand author Janet Frame. Set in Seacliff Mental Hospital in 1945, this story sheds light on mental health from the past and present. The story contrasts the experiences of a traumatised nurse torn between power and empathy with that of a calm, rational person trapped in the asylum.

Semele was well received internationally; Naxos/Opus Arte picked up the DVD rights, and audiences can stream it on Marquee TV.

Additionally, Rebecca’s narrative short film The Finding adds two more international festival selections to its list. It was screened in Vermont on 24 August at the 8th annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, a festival dedicated to celebrating first or second-time filmmakers. The 14th annual Lady Filmmakers Festival, which celebrates women filmmakers, will feature the project in Los Angeles in September.

Congratulations, Rebecca! We wish you all the best for your upcoming project.