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Long-anticipated Kiwi features The Convert and The Mountain are coming to local cinema screens this March, both with DEGANZ members credited as editors.

The Convert

Edited by Luke Haigh (DEGANZ), The Convert comes out in Aotearoa on 14 March. This local release follows its successful international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last September.

The historical epic follows an English preacher arriving in Aotearoa to minister to the first British colonies in the 1830s. When he becomes entangled in a long-standing conflict between two Māori iwi, his violent past is called into question and his faith is tested. As tensions escalate, he must determine if he is being pulled to serve a different purpose.


The Mountain

The Mountain, edited by Cushla Dillon (DEGANZ) and Carly Turner, hits cinema screens on 28 March.

The film is a nostalgic and heartfelt drama about three children who embark on a mission to Taranaki Maunga. Sam, a young girl raised outside of her Māori culture, is determined to connect with her mountain in the hope of curing her cancer. Along the way, she meets misfits Mallory and Bronco, each on their own missions. As they journey further off the beaten track, they learn the true spirit of adventure and the magic of friendship.


Congratulations Luke, Cushla, and the teams of The Convert and The Mountain!

Sneak a peak into the highly anticipated feature Red, White, and Brass, co-edited by DEGANZ board member Ben Powdrell.

The feel-good comedy is based on a true story and celebrates Tongan people’s passion and enthusiasm for their sports teams. When superfan Maka is desperate to score tickets to the 2011 Tonga vs France Rugby World Cup, he promises to lead a brass band as the pre-game entertainment. But with the game only four weeks away and no band in sight, Maka and his community must band together to support and show up for their team and themselves.

Featuring a stellar cast of Tongan talent, the film radiates good vibes with infectious māfana energy.

The film was shot in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, and will hit Aotearoa cinemas on Thursday 23 March before its international release.

Watch the trailer here.

The trailer for We Are Still Here was locally released on July 25, giving us a taste for this new, exciting film. The directorial team includes DEGANZ members Chantelle Burgoyne, Tim Worrall and board member Renae Maihi, along with Richard Curtis, Miki Magasiva, Mario Gaoa, Beck Cole, Danielle MacLean, Dena Curtis and Tracey Rigney.

The uniquely Indigenous film will make its Aotearoa premiere at the Whānau Mārama: NZIFF on August 4. It is also set to screen at MIFF in Melbourne and featured during the Sydney Film Festival’s opening night.

We Are Still Here is told through the perspectives of eight protagonists across 1,000 years, spanning past, present and future. It explores themes of kinship, grief and resilience. The interwoven stories highlight the strength of love and hope over the trauma that Indigenous people in the Pacific share. The film seeks to remind viewers that despite colonialism, racism, imperialism, and the attempted erasure of lives and culture, Indigenous people are still here.

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