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SMSG and DEGANZ present “Sound Design – The Unsung Author”

Sound is a powerful storytelling tool that shortcuts the pathways and goes straight to the emotions of the viewer. It is a critically essential part of filmmaking, not just the “decoration on the tree”. Yet, it is often overlooked or left to the last minute in post-production; and often when there is just a fraction of the budget left.

Hear from acclaimed sound designers Dave Whitehead (The Power of the Dog, Dune, Blade Runner 2049, Arrival) and Michelle Child (Night Raiders, Cousins, Arrival, Elysium) in a session moderated by director James Ashcroft (Coming Home in the Dark, Talkback, Calliope Bay) on the impact of the creative art of sound design. As an experienced filmmaker James has come to describe sound as the ‘5th author’ in a film, joining script writers, directors, editors and cinematographers as the creative hub in filmmaking.

With over 30 years of experience between Dave and Michelle, from big budget to no budget films, they fully appreciate how early collaboration pays enormous financial and creative dividends to producers and directors, as well as the emotions of the audience.

There will be time for questions from the audience as well.

WHEN: Tue 22 March, 7:30pm-9pm
WHERE: Zoom Meetings

This event is presented by the Directors & Editors Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Screen Music & Sound Guild of New Zealand as part of the Screenlink series

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DEGNZ Workflow Best Practice Guide for Editors & Producers

DEGNZ has collaborated with industry to produce the DEGNZ Workflow Best Practice Guide for Editors and Producers.

This online resource, available on the DEGNZ website under Resources, covers the full production Workflow, from before budgeting and seeking funding, through pre-production to DCP delivery.

Once you have a script, where you want to finish up is where you start.

Both Avid and Premiere Pro are covered.

The online resource includes examples, downloadable templates, timeline charts, screenshots, a glossary, useful contacts and some of the main post house Handover Specifications.

The development of the DEGNZ Workflow Best Practice Guide was spearheaded by renowned editor and DEGNZ board member Annie Collins over the last 18 months. It is intended to amalgamate in one place all the information necessary for editors and producers to ensure a trouble-free post phase for your production.

This living resource, which will be updated as information changes, benefits from the contribution of highly experienced editors, post production houses, audio engineers, visual effects supervisors and many others from throughout the New Zealand screen industry.

We encourage you to use and share this resource freely.


Howard Taylor
Directors & Editors Guild of NZ