The trailer for We Are Still Here was locally released on July 25, giving us a taste for this new, exciting film. The directorial team includes DEGANZ members Chantelle Burgoyne, Tim Worrall and board member Renae Maihi, along with Richard Curtis, Miki Magasiva, Mario Gaoa, Beck Cole, Danielle MacLean, Dena Curtis and Tracey Rigney.

The uniquely Indigenous film will make its Aotearoa premiere at the Whānau Mārama: NZIFF on August 4. It is also set to screen at MIFF in Melbourne and featured during the Sydney Film Festival’s opening night.

We Are Still Here is told through the perspectives of eight protagonists across 1,000 years, spanning past, present and future. It explores themes of kinship, grief and resilience. The interwoven stories highlight the strength of love and hope over the trauma that Indigenous people in the Pacific share. The film seeks to remind viewers that despite colonialism, racism, imperialism, and the attempted erasure of lives and culture, Indigenous people are still here.

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Last week, DEGNZ board member and the film’s director, Roseanne Liang, was joined by kiwi cast members, crew and whanau to celebrate the first screening of Shadow in the Cloud in Aotearoa. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, Liang could not attend the world premiere at Toronto Film Festival but said that “her heart is full” after having experienced the premiere in her home country of Aotearoa. The premiere hosted an exhibit featuring Maude’s infamous flight officer suit and the very Sperry used in the making of this NZ action film. Shadow in the Cloud is currently in NZ cinemas.

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