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Our editor members are always working away at something in the background. Two new NZOA series have just come out, featuring DEGANZ members.

In TransGenerations, edited by Jai Waite (DEGANZ) with additional editing by Charlotte Evans (DEGANZ) and fellow member Ramon Te Wake as Executive Producer, high-profile trans rights activists share their stories and shine a light on trans experiences in Aotearoa. The series opens with a look at how the increased media visibility of trans people has been both a blessing and a curse. The first episode focuses on actor and singer Brady Peeti, who shares how trans issues and rights are being championed like never before. However, she also shares her fears for trans people due to the influx of dangerous anti-trans rhetoric. With each episode, transgender Kiwis, young and old, tell their stories.

You can follow the video series’ release on NZME throughout July!

Meanwhile, DEGANZ member Kelly Weaver worked as assistant editor on Endangered Species Aotearoa with WWF. This new docu-series follows comedian Pax Assadi and conservationist biologist Nicola Toki across the country as they learn about the beautiful but vulnerable wildlife in Aotearoa and the South Pacific. The show offers a light-hearted look into the serious issue of endangered species and the conservationist work trying to help. WWF and the show aim to bring attention to how we can all help restore Aotearoa’s beloved wildlife all the way from the sky to the sea.

Check it out on TVNZ+ now!

Congratulations to DEGANZ member Sir Peter Jackson on his documentary series The Beatles: Get Back winning big at the 2022 Creative Arts Emmys.

The Disney+ production collected all five awards from its five nominations – Outstanding Documentary or Non Fiction Series, Outstanding Picture Editing (editor Jabez Olssen), Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Sound Mixing, and Outstanding Sound Editing.

Get Back takes audiences on an exclusive look into the dynamics of the iconic music group in their final year as a band. It features nearly 8 hours of fantastically restored never-before-seen or heard footage and audio completed by Park Road Post Production in Wellington. Peter, the only person in 50 years granted access to the film archives, directed the epic documentary to showcase the camaraderie and musical ingenuity that still defines the band’s legacy to this day. It’s a must-see for any fans of the band!

What’s the Disabili-Tea, edited by DEGANZ member and alum Brendon Chan is available to watch on Attitude! DEGANZ president Robyn Paterson worked as the executive producer with director and producer Justin Scott. It explores the lives of queer and disabled people in Aotearoa as a six-part anthology docuseries, funded by NZOA.

While drag icon Misty Frequency celebrates autistic and Takatāpui excellence, Ari proudly struts down Karangahape Road with his cane, and Cait and Rimu spill the tea on being misgendered in the healthcare system. The series also delves into living with invisible disabilities and showcases queer and disability pride.

This series offers an authentic look into the experience many non-disabled people do not consider. While highlighting issues of accessibility within society, What’s the Disabili-Tea ultimately celebrates the queer disabled community.

Brendon Chan works as a film and television editor for drama, factual, music videos, TV commercials, and other promotional content. His past credits include The Pact, Albularyo, and short film Blood and Gold.

Congratulations to Brendon and Robyn on the release!

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The first two episodes of Hair Now, directed by Michelle Ang (DEGANZ), are available on The Spinoff. The series, edited by Kat Kasajima and made with the support of NZOA, features six Pan-Asian wahine and their relationships with their hair.

Episode one follows Yasmine, a Palestinian Jordanian New Zealander, as she navigates contradictory cultural ideas about hair coverage and removal. Since deciding to wear a hijab at 15, Yasmine finds strength and power in how she presents her hair in the world.

She explains, “Hair is a statement […], and it’s the first thing you can take control of in your own life.” The rest of the episodes follow this ethos. They explore how each woman expresses their identity through the growth, grooming, or removal of their hair.

Michelle is well known for her acting career in projects such as Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Vegas, and Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. However, she has been making a name for herself as a director and in 2020, she participated in our Emerging Women Filmmakers Incubator. Her directing credits include the animated short series Riddle Me This, the anthology feature Kāinga, and her new coming-of-age series Self Help.

We look forward to watching the rest of the episodes!

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Documentary series Takeout Kids is now available to watch in its entirety on The Spinoff. Well done to DEGANZ members director Julie Zhu and editor Josh Yong.

The four episode series follows four young New Zealanders growing up in their parents’ restaurants or takeaway businesses. In the first episode we meet Rama, a 12-year-old who enthusiastically takes orders at her family’s Jordanian restaurant in the Auckland suburb of Kingsland.

Speaking to 1News, Julie states that she wanted to make this observational documentary series “to really showcase the variety of communities that we have here in Aotearoa”. She wanted to explore families who “run restaurants and showcase their lives beyond what is seen when people pick up their takeaways”.

Watch Takeout Kids online now