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Whānau Mārama New Zealand International Film Festival is back for 2024 and has announced the films selected for this year’s festival. Two features and 19 shorts from Aotearoa make up the Māhutonga strand of the programme, and amongst those, 11 feature work by DEGANZ members.

Check them out below!

Feature Films


Paul Wolffram’s urgent documentary takes us into the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea and one Indigenous woman’s fight against the insidious influence of sanguma – sorcery violence.

Editor: Annie Collins

The Haka Party Incident

In 1979, a group of young Māori and Pasifika activists sought to stop Pākehā students at the University of Auckland performing a parody of haka each capping week. Unfortunately, the consequences for those activists were severe – many were convicted of crimes. Director Katie Wolfe uncovers this largely forgotten event in our history with interviews from both in this resonant and thought-provoking documentary.

Director: Katie Wolfe

The House Within

Filmmaker Joshua Prendeville’s sterling documentary holds a delicate lens to the fascinating life and work of one of Aotearoa’s literary treasures, Dame Fiona Kidman.

Co-Editor: Cushla Dillon

Aotearoa Film Focus Weekend

Naughty Little Peeptoe

Garth Maxwell offers a deeply personal film, co-directed by the late Peter Wells, in Naughty Little Peeptoe. An ode to a friend, fashionista and foot-fetishist Doug George, Maxwell along with collaborator Debra Daley recorded the caustic, chaotic narration from George, retelling the story of how high heels saved his life. The film will be preceded by a screening of Maxwell’s first ever film Come With Us, a short collaboration with Simon Marler. A response from queer erotic fiction writer, Samuel Te Kani, will follow.

Co-Director: Garth Maxwell

New Zealand’s Best

New Zealand’s Best is a compilation of the year’s top short films from Aotearoa New Zealand. Each year local filmmakers are invited to submit their films to compete in the strand, with a Guest Selector choosing the finalists from a shortlist curated by the NZIFF team. A total of 95 submissions were received for this year’s competition, with just 5 selected for the final by 2024 Guest Selector, Gerard Johnstone.

I See You

A young mother struggles with her toddlers delayed development until a chance encounter with a charismatic young man shifts her feelings.

Director: Briar March

Editor: Adam-Luka Turjak

First Horse

In pre-colonial Aotearoa, a young Māori girl witnesses the best and worst of a rapidly changing world when she encounters a dying man and his horse.

Editor: Cushla Dillon

Lea Tupu’anga/Mother Tongue

A young speech therapist who has lied about her language skills must find a new way to communicate when she is assigned to an elderly Tongan patient with aphasia who can no longer speak English.

Director: Vea Mafile’o

Ngā Whanaunga Māori Pasifika Shorts

This collection of seven Māori and Pasifika short films has been selected by co-curators Leo Koziol (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Rakaipaaka), Director of the Wairoa Film Festival, and Craig Fasi (Niue), Director of Pollywood Film Festival.


Today is the first day of Tui’s dream life. She snuggles in bed with her well-meaning paakeha (white) boyfriend, Edward. Everything’s perfect until her vagina, Teke, calls him a loser.

Editor: Amarbir Singh

Short Connections

Five new Aotearoa shorts examine the ways we connect with each other. From strangers uniting to stand up for what is right to fleeting moments of understanding between loved ones, these films deftly capture the bonds and binds between us.


When a welfare department’s insidious prejudice can no longer be tolerated, a group of unlikely heroes band together against a narrow-minded caseworker. Made in collaboration with Toi Whakaari, Mia Blake cleverly reflects the state of the nation in this punchy black comedy. 

Director: Mia Blake

Editor: Ben Chesters


A lonely teenager shares a moment of intimacy with a mysterious stranger in this surprising and sensitive film. Jamie Lawrence (Darryl Exists, NZIFF 2011) evokes a surreal world that tenderly explores identity, belonging and the desire for connection.

Director: Jamie Lawrence

The Sea Inside Her

Award-winning filmmaker and choreographer Alyx Duncan (The Tide Keeper, NZIFF 2015) builds on her unique movement-led films, depicting an anxious grandmother desperate to protect her grandchild from the dangers of the world. Using performance, puppetry and visual effects, Alyx Duncan paints a fantastical picture of fear and frustration for these fragile times.

Director: Alyx Duncan

Editor: Adam-Luka Turjak


The 2023 NZ Web Fest selection is stacked with DEGANZ members, with some nominated for awards!

NZ Web Fest was created in 2015 to celebrate web series and online video content. Over the years, the festival has evolved and was accepted as a participating festival in the Web Series World Cup in 2017 and expanded to include podcasts in 2022. The festival will occur online this November.

Short Film – Narrative


A dark comedy about a desperately lonely security guard who seeks companionship as their playing cards come to life during a game of solitaire.

Writer/Director: Brian Gill

* Nominated for Best Student Film, NZ Short Fiction & Best Performance, NZ Short Fiction


Amelia Merton takes a seemingly casual walk in the wilderness. The innocent and carefree nature of the walk is juxtaposed with the dark secret of the protagonist’s actions, creating a dramatic and unexpected ending.

Writer/Director: Joe Murdie

* Nominated for Best Directing, NZ Short Fiction

The Reunion

Joel is about to walk into a small graduation party he’s having with some friends when he gets the phone call telling him that his best friend, Terry, has died.

Editor: Max Helbick

* Nominated for Best Student Film, NZ Short Fiction


We’ve all been there. The nervousness, the pressure. Making. That. First. Impression. Set in a lush beautiful cafe on the perimeter of Auckland City, an awkward journalist’s first date is upended by a man spotted in the cafe window.

Writer/Director, Producer, & Editor: James Fink-Jensen

* Nominated for Best Writing, NZ Short Fiction & Best Performance, NZ Short Fiction (x2)

Short Film – Documentary

Ultimately Lacks Polish

Freya Daly Sadgrove is an emerging New Zealand poet, riding the success of her collection Head Girl — but acutely aware that something has to come next. With her multi-poet show Show Ponies, she’s determined to jam together poetry, punk, sex, sizzle, and theatre, shaking poetry performance loose from its conventions. But not everyone is supportive of her unconventional ideas.

Director: Kathleen Winter (Incubator 2020)

Editor: Amanda Mulderry

* Nominated for Best Directing, Short Documentary

What’s the Disabili-Tea: Misty Frequency

Drag Icon Misty Frequency’s kaupapa is to celebrate Autistic and Takatāpui excellence. They are looking to storm the stage at the Drag Wars competition with a cash prize up for grabs.

Director: Justin Scott

Editor: Brendon Chan

Assistant Editor: Laura McBeath

* Nominated for Best Directing, Short Documentary & Best Film, Short Documentary

Music Videos

Boofhead – Ingrid and the Ministers

Co-Director & Editor: Kathleen Winter (Incubator 2020)

* Nominated for Best Music Video, NZ

Don’t Expect the World – Gina Malcolm

Director & Editor: Joe Murdie

* Nominated for Best Music Video, NZ

Web Series – Pilot

Te Pāmu Kūmara

A live-action children’s drama about Tai and her superman whānau who run their local vege shop from their kūmara farm.

Editor: Te Rurehe Paki

Well, Well, Wellness

A comedy taking the mickey out of a bunch of wellness nerds running a dire silent retreat.

Co-Creator: Jack Nicol

Web Series – Narrative


Follow a crazy group of city-based rangatahi, they’re young, kura kaupapa raised and dangerously onto it. Their world orbits around getting cash, cutting corners, and charging their phones.

Editor, Writer, Storyliner, & Script Editor: Onehou Strickland

1st & 2nd Assistant Director: Maza White

Web Series – Factual

2000s Baby

You’re invited to Misha, Rāwhiti, Poe Tiare, Alison, and Tristan’s 21sts, getting a snapshot of what it looks like to become an adult across different walks of life in Aotearoa.

Editor: Damian Golfinopoulos


A silly, joyful, tongue-in-cheek investigation series into the why, how, & what the ?! of some of NZ’s most outrageous conspiracies.

Creator, Director, Co-Producer: Jaimee Poipoi (Incubator 2023)

Conversations with My Immigrant Parents

Immigrant whānau across Aotearoa have frank conversations covering love, ancestry, home, food, expectation, and acceptance.

Co-Director: Julie Zhu

Editor: Josh Yong

Dating While Asian

Pan-Asian New Zealanders tell stories from their love lives on their own terms, from situationships and mediocre hookups to devastating breakups and complicated emotional needs.

Editor: Josh Yong

Assistant Editor: Frangipani Foulkes

Additional Editing: Damian Golfinopoulos

Fight or Flight

A partly animated doco series about resilience and anxiety, Fight or Flight interviewed 12 young people about their challenges with anxiety or depression.

Director: Michelle Mae Cameron

K’ Road Chronicles

A look at homelessness from the inside. A colourful, diverse, harsh, and often tragic world of the people living on and around Auckland’s Karangahape Road.

Assistant Editor: Benjamin Murray

No Place Like Home

Following the 2020 Covid travel restrictions, No Place Like Home follows six couples as they return to New Zealand after those years spent abroad to rebuild their lives, often from scratch. Their stories are in turn uplifting, challenging, heart-breaking, and joyful.

Director & Producer: Naashon Zalk

POV (Point of View)

A docu-series that tries to figure out what’s going on with young people post-2020 f**kery. How do Aotearoa’s rangitahi feel about “these unprecedented times”? Do we fixate on the demise of civilization every night before bed? More importantly, what do we care about? Seventeen participants spread across seven small towns and one big town make up this intimate, funny, and thoughtful series.

Director: Jaya Beach Robertson (Incubator 2023)

Editor: Sam Small


An eight-part web series, that tells the stories of transgender Kiwis from their late 70s to early 20s, documenting the history of trans experience in New Zealand and dispelling stereotypes about who trans people are.

Editor: Jai Waite

Assistant Editor: Charlotte Evans

Executive Producer: Ramon Te Wake

What’s the Disabili-Tea: Misty Frequency

Drag Icon Misty Frequency’s kaupapa is to celebrate Autistic and Takatāpui excellence. They are looking to storm the stage at the Drag Wars competition with a cash prize up for grabs.

Editor: Brendon Chan

Assistant Editor: Laura McBeath

* Nominated for Best Directing, Short Documentary & Best Film, Short Documentary