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DEGANZ member Jake Tabata‘s web series The Creature is out now, following its early selection to this year’s NZ Web Fest! The four-part series follows Aidan, stuck in the online dating rut of swiping with no results. He is ecstatic when he matches with his ‘dream man’ but must first face the perturbed Creature lurking in the shadows of his home.

In an interview with Re: News, Jake discusses how his identity informs his work. He says,

The Creature is loosely based on my own personal experiences with online dating as a young, queer man. I felt quite alone, really struggling with all the challenges I see with online dating and romance anxiety.

The series, produced by fellow member Isabelle (Izzi) Hoskyn, was entirely crowdfunded on Boosted and was made by a team of young, queer, and POC creatives.

You can watch the series here!

Mysterious Ways, edited by DEGANZ member Peter Roberts, is out now on TVNZ+!

The feature film centres on the relationship between a Vicar and his Samoan boyfriend. The lack of support from their religious and cultural communities is exasperated when a media storm kicks up around their engagement. The film unpacks taboos of queerness within the Anglican Church and Samoan culture, calling attention to the challenges that many members of the LGBTQIA+ community face when on their journeys of self-acceptance.

The film has been making the festival rounds over the past year and celebrated its Aotearoa premiere in August 2023. It has since collected several positive reviews and played in a prime-time TVNZ slot over the 2024 Easter holiday weekend.

If you missed it on TV, you can stream the film on TVNZ+.

DEGANZ member Ramon Te Wake‘s new series The Boy, The Queen and Everything in Between is out now.

The series, co-directed, co-produced, and written by Ramon, follows Jacob, a young father fresh out of prison and in desperate need of a job. Dire circumstances push him to seek out his estranged father Max, Aotearoa’s most famous drag queen. While the titular boy and queen’s relationship is the show’s focal point, the show also delves into the Karangahape Road club Max runs and the community within and around it.

Ramon shares in an interview with Stuff that the series is a love letter to her community,

K’ Road will always be a source of inspiration for me for anything I do.

With Ramon at the helm, the production also prioritised authentic casting, wanting the queer roles to be “of lived experience.” Ramon has always been and continues to be a massive advocate for authentic representation of queer people on screen.

Celebrate K’ Road and the queer community with Ramon by watching The Boy, The Queen and Everything in Between on TVNZ+.

Web series TransGenerations won Best Web Series at the Berlin Short Film Festival. The production’s core team is chock full of DEGANZ members, with Naashon Zalk as Producer and DOP, Jai Waite as Editor, and Ramon Te Wake as Executive Producer.

Since its release, the series has screened in a plethora of festivals ranging from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Korea, and now Germany.

The series platforms trans rights activists to share their stories and shine a light on trans experiences in Aotearoa. Across eight parts, trans people in their 20s to their 70s talk openly about their lives, identities, and passions, while discussing stereotypes, politics, and prejudice.

In an article with the NZ Herald, Naashon shared that the series came at an important time, saying:

In the past few years, there has been an alarming international rise in anti-trans rhetoric, anti-trans violence and anti-trans legislation. We hope this series helps, in its own small way, to counterbalance that by showing the realities of what it means to be trans in this day and age.

Congratulations to the team on the win!

Mysterious Ways, a new feature film edited by Peter Roberts (DEGANZ), is celebrating its world premiere in August!

It will make its festival debut at the Chichester International Film Festival in the UK as part of the Window on the World collection. Established in 1992, the festival brings cinema, both new and archival, to the south coast of England. Mysterious Ways is also celebrating its premiere here in Aotearoa with a charity screening with Rainbow Auckland where all ticket sale proceeds will be donated to the Burnett Foundation. Grab your tickets here to show your support!

The film follows Vicar Peter Simmons as he grapples with the backlash and media circus surrounding his engagement to his Samoan boyfriend, Jason. Unpacking taboos of homosexuality within the Anglican church and Samoan culture, the film offers a look into a side of the LGBTQIA+ community rarely seen on screen.

Congratulations to Peter and the rest of the Mysterious Ways team!