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DEGANZ members Caroline Bell-Booth, Josh Frizzell, and Charlie Haskell are set to direct the new Queenstown-set detective series A Remarkable Place to Die. The name references the area’s renowned mountain range, The Remarkables.

With four 90-minute episodes, the show will follow Anais Mallory when she returns to her hometown only to find a series of startling homicides. The detective has to confront past ghosts while trying to solve the current mysteries that threaten her and her family.

Creator Philly de Lacey shared in a Variety article,

Queenstown’s stunning landscape paired with its tapestry of unconventional characters, provide the perfect backdrop for this gripping murder mystery. Viewers will be drawn into the world of Detective Anais Mallory as she uncovers intriguing secrets.

The show is a co-production between Screentime New Zealand and Real Film Berlin, in association with Banijay Rights. It will air in Germany, the US, and Aotearoa with ZDF, Acorn TV, and TVNZ.

We look forward to watching when it’s out!

DEGANZ member Mandalina Stanisich’s 2018 short film Bass Line is set to screen at the Silver Screen – European Film Festival for Generations (EFFG). During the festival, screenings take place in about 100 venues across Germany to more than 13,000 viewers.

The Heidelberg University and Institute of Gerontology in Germany established EFFG in 2010. The festival features films, both drama and doco, that study themes of demographic change and ageing. It aims to promote images of positive, healthy, and active ageing and intergenerational dialogue.

Bass Line follows elderly couple Johnny and Kuini as they grapple with debilitating health issues in an increasingly unempathetic environment. While Johnny suffers from PTSD as a war veteran, Kuini’s recent diagnosis of dementia strains their relationship. Yet, despite these challenges, the this short film is a story of resilience, courage, and true love.

Mandalina’s film has made rounds in international festivals and exhibitions such as the Veterans Film Festival and NEW Gallery in 2020. It also received an honourable mention at the Be Epic London International Film Festival this year. Our congratulations to Mandalina.