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Poppy, edited by Jonno Woodford-Robinson (DEGANZ), has won the 2024 Cannes Écrans Seniors competition.

The feature follows Poppy Simpson, a young woman with Down Syndrome who refuses to be defined by disability and takes control of her own life. Her ambition to become a motor mechanic is stalled when her brother inherits the family garage business, preventing her from taking the apprenticeship promised to her by her late father. She then teams up with a friend from school who needs his car fixed to progress her plans.

Cannes Écrans Seniors is an annual film competition by the city of Cannes in collaboration with Cannes Cinéma. Poppy screened in a showcase highlighting films from Aotearoa and Australia and received the award from a jury of cinephiles headed by French director Emmanuelle Dubergey.

This accolade is another on the film’s long list of awards and festival screenings. Congratulations to Jonno and the team!

After six years of development and disruptions due to COVID-19, DEGANZ member Tema Pua‘s Cradle & Grace is finally coming to life and needs a final push to get over the finish line of its Boosted campaign! Fellow member Brendon Chan is also attached as the film’s editor.

The short initially gained support through the 2019 PASC Short Cuts Development Lab, before receiving Fresh Shorts funding from the Film Commission in 2020. While this funding will cover some production costs, the team is raising an additional $16,000 to ensure pay parity for the crew.

Cradle & Grace, written by Malinna Liang, follows 22-year-old Olivia, who must help the ghost of her hard-to-please, Chinese mother cross over—or be stuck with her forever. The story delves into the complexities of mothers and daughters, shifting perceptions, and death administration (aka ‘sadmin’).

On the Boosted page, Tema shares about the project’s importance,

Cradle & Grave is both a love letter to our mothers and a love letter to any woman who has lost her mum growing up. I believe that through this little film, we can say something authentic about the complex, life-shaping bond between mothers and daughters.

Fun fact: Tema and Malinna met while working at DEGANZ! After Malinna finished her internship with the guild, she and Tema began working on the short together.

If you’d like to check out the project and the team’s mahi, you can find the Boosted campaign here!

TVNZ’s newest anthology series, Motherhood, drops this Mother’s Day, with mahi from DEGANZ members Michelle Ang (2020 Incubator), Jack Brown, Ankita Singh, and Calvin Sang.

The series features five different stories across a range of genres and is inspired by the Māori, Pasifika, Pan-Asian, and LGBTIA+ communities of Aotearoa, all unified by the theme of motherhood.


Directed by Michelle Ang

Edited by Jack Brown

Torn between ambition and parenthood, a career-driven mother enlists an Artificially Maternal Android Helper to raise her son in accordance with traditional Malaysian-Chinese values. When the nanny judges the woman to be an unfit mother, she must fight for her family and her sanity.

Give Me Babies

Written by Ankita Singh

Directed by Calvin Sang

Meet Ari, a late 20-something MMA fighter living with her parents. Her coach and mum, Mei, has put her on a strict dating regime to find the perfect partner so she can have a baby while her eggs are in peak condition. The only problem is Ari doesn’t want kids. Rather than break her mother’s heart, Ari spins a web of lies and enters an illegal MMA fight to win enough cash to escape to Thailand. Obviously, things don’t really go according to plan…

Catch Motherhood on TVNZ+ 11 May.

Emma Smart (DEGANZ) is set to edit the upcoming short film Homecoming, which is in the final week of its Boosted campaign. The team is only a few hundred away from their goal of $13,000 and needs a final push to make it over the line and receive the all-or-nothing funding. The film received Fresh Shorts funding in 2021 but needs this additional crowdfunding to bring the project to fruition.

The psychological thriller tells the story of Charlotte, a transgender woman returning home to come out to her parents, Carol and Paul. The family dinner quickly goes south as her parents struggle to accept Charlotte’s transition. Her anxieties begin to manifest themselves in dark, sinister ways.

As a genre film, the Boosted funds will help cover the expensive production design, including set dressing and special effects. It will also help cover special camera, grip, and lighting equipment.

You can find the Boosted campaign here.

This news piece contains references to sexual abuse. Please proceed with care.

DEGANZ member Emma Patterson edited TVNZ’s new docu-drama, The Lost Boys of Dilworth.

The hour-long special uncovers the extensive history of abuse within the Auckland all-boys school following the 2023 Dilworth Inquiry and the ongoing impacts on the victims’ lives. The inquiry revealed the experiences of 177 former students and indicated the total number of victims is likely over 230. Mark Staufer, a former student and victim of abuse as a boarder in the 1970s, led the project as the writer and narrator.

The documentary features interviews with re-enactments, shot from the child’s perspective. Co-director Peter Burger shared with Stuff that the dramatised scenes accentuate the true impact of the abuse on the children, which is further emphasised by Emma’s editing.

While covering such dark subject matter, the documentary ultimately hopes to help break the silence around sexual violence.

The Lost Boys of Dilwoth is available to watch on TVNZ+.