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After six years of development and disruptions due to COVID-19, DEGANZ member Tema Pua‘s Cradle & Grace is finally coming to life and needs a final push to get over the finish line of its Boosted campaign! Fellow member Brendon Chan is also attached as the film’s editor.

The short initially gained support through the 2019 PASC Short Cuts Development Lab, before receiving Fresh Shorts funding from the Film Commission in 2020. While this funding will cover some production costs, the team is raising an additional $16,000 to ensure pay parity for the crew.

Cradle & Grace, written by Malinna Liang, follows 22-year-old Olivia, who must help the ghost of her hard-to-please, Chinese mother cross over—or be stuck with her forever. The story delves into the complexities of mothers and daughters, shifting perceptions, and death administration (aka ‘sadmin’).

On the Boosted page, Tema shares about the project’s importance,

Cradle & Grave is both a love letter to our mothers and a love letter to any woman who has lost her mum growing up. I believe that through this little film, we can say something authentic about the complex, life-shaping bond between mothers and daughters.

Fun fact: Tema and Malinna met while working at DEGANZ! After Malinna finished her internship with the guild, she and Tema began working on the short together.

If you’d like to check out the project and the team’s mahi, you can find the Boosted campaign here!

Emma Smart (DEGANZ) is set to edit the upcoming short film Homecoming, which is in the final week of its Boosted campaign. The team is only a few hundred away from their goal of $13,000 and needs a final push to make it over the line and receive the all-or-nothing funding. The film received Fresh Shorts funding in 2021 but needs this additional crowdfunding to bring the project to fruition.

The psychological thriller tells the story of Charlotte, a transgender woman returning home to come out to her parents, Carol and Paul. The family dinner quickly goes south as her parents struggle to accept Charlotte’s transition. Her anxieties begin to manifest themselves in dark, sinister ways.

As a genre film, the Boosted funds will help cover the expensive production design, including set dressing and special effects. It will also help cover special camera, grip, and lighting equipment.

You can find the Boosted campaign here.

Loading Docs is back for its 10th season, with DEGANZ members at the helm of half of the selected documentaries.

Through the development initiative, participants receive extensive guidance and mentorship, helping them to produce short documentaries with international appeal. The programme helps participants enhance their skills in story development, fundraising, documentary production and editing, audience engagement, and marketing and distribution.

Loading Docs provides each project with $10,000 and a post-production package at the Department of Post. In addition to this support, each team must raise $5,000 on Boosted to unlock further funding and support from the initiative.

This year’s theme is Attention – Te Kimihanga, Te Hahaunga. Check out the DEGANZ member’s projects below or see the full list of films here.

Hope in the Stars

Zoologist-turned-filmmaker, Alexis Smith, is on a quest for extraterrestrial contact in Aotearoa. She seeks answers on her personal quest for existential truth and hope for a world teetering on the edge. But what shadows will she encounter to get there?

Director: Alexis Smith

Producer: Harry Wynn


Hihi Ulu

Approaching his tenth birthday, Luka faces a Niuean rite of passage: his first haircut in a hifi ulu ceremony, marking a tender crossroad of culture and autonomy.

Director: Chantelle Burgoyne (Incubator 2018)


The Man Outside

Abandoned by the law, a woman’s flatmates struggle to protect her from a relentless stalker, forcing them all to become the protagonists in a real-life thriller.

Director: Liv McClymont


Stef Harris (DEGANZ) is crowdfunding on Boosted for his latest short film, Sister Josephine.

Inspired by Stef’s childhood in the 70s, the film explores the relationship between Maaka, a frightened boy, and Sister Josephine, a nun who teaches him how to stand up for himself.

The NZ Film Commission and Script initially funded the film with Kōpere Hou – Fresh Shorts in the 2022/23 round. Now, the team needs a top-up to complete post-production and apply for film festivals. They aim to raise $10,000 to complete the edit, colour grade, music competition, and sound design and mix. This will also provide them with a budget to submit to international film festivals.

You can check out their Boosted campaign here.

Mark Prebble (DEGANZ) and the PleasureDora team are crowdfunding $10,000 to finish post-production on the short film.

The film questions meaningful connection in the age of AI and machine learning with the titular PleasureDora, a glitchy sex bot at the end of her shelf life. In her final service with lonely customer Colin, both man and robot confront mortality, their desire to reach their full potential, and authentic connection.

So far, the team has shot and edited the short. With this final stretch of funding, they will be able to finish the last stages of post-production to make the film as cinematic as possible. They plan to dedicate the funds to colour grading, visual effects, sound design, and music composition.

They’ll also use the remaining budget to work with Festival Formula to devise a festival strategy and to cover a few festival submission fees.

If you’d like to check out the project and the team’s mahi, you can check out their Boosted campaign here!