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Season two of Pax Assadi’s Raised by Refugees, with episodes directed by DEGANZ member Kate McGill, is out now! Kate has worked on the show from the get-go as the casting director and one of the series’ directors.

Inspired by Assadi’s childhood, the show follows adolescent Pax as he navigates life in the early 2000s. His parents immigrated to Aotearoa in the late ’80s as refugees and want their son to get good grades. All Pax wants is to fit in, which proves to be particularly difficult following a major international incident.

Season two dives deeper into the world and relationships established in season one, with Pax now in college and confronted with parties, alcohol, and girls. The show also investigates Pax’s parents’ story more, with season two featuring a flashback episode to 1980s Pakistan, revealing how they met and what they had to overcome to start a new life overseas.

The show has received critical recognition, winning the NZTV award for Best Comedy in 2022.

You can watch seasons one and two on Neon and Sky.

Season 4 of the beloved Netflix series Sex Education is out now, with two of the eight episodes directed by 2018 Incubator alum Michelle Savill.

The show is known for being awkwardly hilarious, following the lives of the students, staff, and parents of an English secondary school. As the name implies, the show isn’t one to shy away from taboo topics. One of the show’s ongoing plots is the main character Otis’s involvement in an underground sex clinic for his peers.

However, Michelle’s episodes this season dive into darker themes of death, grieving, and postpartum depression. As the series comes to a close, with season four being the show’s finale, the characters and their relationships face their biggest challenges yet. Despite the heavier drama, Michelle’s episodes still balance the comedy just right, covering more sexually awkward topics.

In an interview with Stuff earlier this year, Michelle talked about how ending Sex Education will be bittersweet. She shared,

It’s been such a great project. I’ve loved everyone I’ve worked with. On every film or TV show you become a family and then the project ends and you will leave and there is a sense of sadness because you will never be together like that again. But it’s nice to move on and catch up on sleep and spend time with your family – and release what you’ve made into the world.

You can catch Sex Education on Netflix now.

Popular TikTok series n00b, co-created and directed by DEGANZ member Victoria Boult (Incubator 2023), is heading to ThreeNow and Three as a new comedy series. According to the NZ on Air media release, Great Southern Television has received up to $1,499,541 to bring the series to fruition.

The show originated on the short form video social media via the Every Voice initiative between NZ on Air, Screen Australia, and TikTok. Since its release in August 2022, it has garnered over 1.5 million TikTok views across its twelve parts.

The anthology series follows teens in Aotearoa in the early 2000s as they venture into the unknown territories of sex, relationships, and the internet. Each episode is chock full of the decade’s iconic aesthetics and harks back to online video chat rooms, making mixtapes, and embracing your inner emo.


n00b: Fanfiction Smut Part 1 🍆💦 Made with the support of NZ On Air

♬ original sound – n00b

The TV series will differ slightly, following a group of adolescent outcasts in small-town New Zealand as they attempt to cope with life through the internet and its newly invented social media.

Congrats Victoria! We can’t wait to see how the show evolves and grows.

DEGANZ member Michelle Ang explores the tumultuous journey of healing and self-improvement in the new comedy web series, Self Help, out now on YouTube! She and Rawiri Jobe directed four episodes each of the eight-part series, produced by Wrestler and made with the support of NZOA.

In the aftermath of a devastating break-up with his boyfriend, Nikau begrudgingly searches for healing through any means possible. After episode one, aptly titled Intervention, Nikau fumbles through the advice of his friends and whānau to get out of his heartbreak rut. From working out to pottery to chakra cleansing crystals, the series comedically unpacks the growing pains that stem from young heartache.

While this is Michelle’s first series directing gig, she has quickly proven herself as an acting and directing powerhouse. The Emmy-nominated actress for her role in Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 has also recently worked on Hair Now, a docuseries that explores the relationship between Pan-Asian women and hair.

Watch the series

Kid Sister has landed on TVNZ OnDemand! There are 5 episodes to binge now, directed by DEGANZ member Aidee Walker. The sitcom was created and written by New York-based Jewish Kiwi Simone Nathan, who also stars as the lead. Kid Sister follows Lulu, a loveable train wreck, as she goes on a crazy ride whilst trying to balance her love of her Jewish family and culture with finding her own path.

Congratulations to Aidee and the team behind the show. Positive reviews have started to roll in with The Spinoff’s Sam Brooke writing, “It’s a reminder that New Zealand doesn’t make enough of these kinds of personality-driven TV projects, shows that revolve around a singular highly watchable character.”

The experience for Aidee on Kid Sister was very different to the normal television model in New Zealand. She would describe it as director-led, thanks to the encouragement of producer Emily Anderton. Aidee spent nine months working on the show, including doing all the post production and sign offs with her producer.

Aidee’s directing credits for television include Mystic for CBBC and TVNZ, and local shows The Brokenwood Mysteries and Westside. She participated in DEGANZ’s inaugural Women Filmmakers Incubator in 2016.

Kid Sister was edited by Alex Boyd. Tammy Williams was the cinematographer and the show was executive produced by Harriet Crampton at Greenstone TV and Simone Nathan.

Watch Kid Sister here