Stray key still

Writer/director Dustin Feneley answers questions about his debut feature film Stray (2018). Dustin talks about not compromising his cinematic, arthouse vision, despite modest means while making the film.


“We wanted a very formalised, considered cinematography in kind of like master shots and I want things to play out longer. But the implication production-wise was that we could milk all of that one hour set aside for that scene … It meant that art department, lighting, camera, everyone had so much time relatively speaking to nail that one shot.”


This event was part of the Film Talk Series, presented by DEGNZ and Rialto Cinemas in Auckland.


Thanks to Rebecca Tansley, Simon Raby and Fiona Samuel for a great night at our latest Collaborators Series! Members of DEGNZ and NZCS got together to discuss how a first-time feature filmmaker and an experienced DOP can work together for a fantastic end result.

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