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Want to see a 6-foot-long shark swim through a living room? DEGANZ members Alyx Duncan and Adam-Luka Turjak are raising funds through Boosted to do just that in their new silent film, The Sea Inside Her.

When a loving grandmother, left to care for her grandchild, has to cope with an unravelling bedtime routine, her deepest fears begin to take on physical forms. Desperate to protect her grandchild from the emerging dangers, the grandmother fights off the terrors surrounding them despite the emotional consequences.

Alyx directed the piece using her unique movement-led filmmaking, incorporating performers, puppets, and VFX to create lyrical surrealism within the frame. This style builds upon her previous short, The Tide Keeper, where she wove the fantastical and mundane together. Alyx is also one of three producers of the film, alongside Michele Powles, who wrote the piece, and Lani-rain Feltham.

Adam-Luka has been at the helm of the project’s post-production as the Editor, Post-Production Supervisor, and one of the Visual Effects Compositors.

The team is now looking to raise $8,000 to cover the project’s final costs, including removing puppeteers and strings and completing the final colour grade.

You can check out their Boosted campaign here!

DEGANZ member Briar March is crowdfunding to complete her new short film, I SEE YOU.

The film, written and directed by Briar, tells the story of a young mother struggling to see her 2-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome for who she is – a beautiful baby girl. Briar and the short’s producer, Caroline Hutchinson, share in the Boosted campaign that the film deeply resonates with their experiences of motherhood, as both are parents of children with Down Syndrome.

Briar shares with DEGANZ,

I wrote I SEE YOU to both challenge and inspire, questioning our judgments and expectations about the way we see the world and ultimately encouraging audiences to accept and embrace people for who they are.

The project has completed production with funding from the NZFC Fresh Shorts programme but needs a further financial push to carry out post-production. The $15,000 goal will go towards sound design, colour grade, and music. Briar has secured fellow DEGANZ member Adam-Luka Turjak as the film’s editor.

You can visit the Boosted campaign here!

DEGANZ member Kate McGill is seeking support for her short film’s Boosted campaign.

Inspired by a dream Kate had nearly ten years ago, FARM is about Jeanie, an elderly woman who believes her late husband has been reincarnated as a cow on her farm. While Jeanie is deeply connected to her farm, her family thinks it’s time she moves into an aged care facility. But she isn’t ready to let go of her home, life, or husband.

The film grapples with love, loss, and slipping memories. Kate delves into the bonds we form with a place, loved one, home, and everything we do to stay connected when we are being left behind. The film will be slow, cheeky, and dark, but finds gentle comedic moments.

This will be Kate’s first short film, which she shares feels deeply personal as the project’s writer and director. She has recently stepped into directing after working primarily as a professional actor and casting director. In 2022, she made her TV directing debut with Raised by Refugees, an award-winning comedy series available to watch on Neon.

Funds from the Boosted campaign will help cover insurance, onset catering, paying cast and crew, locations, and post-production costs.

You can help bring Kate’s (literal) dream to life by supporting the Boosted campaign. You can donate here or support Kate and the team by spreading the word to your friends and whānau!

Help DEGANZ member Brian Gill bring short film God’s Favourites Fall Hardest to life by supporting the project’s Boosted campaign. Brian is taking on multiple roles for the film as the editor and producer.

The short calls upon and pays homage to nunsploitation films, the Italian Giallo slasher murder-mystery genre, and other classic horror motifs. The 6-8 minute thriller follows an amnesiac nun working to uncover her church’s secrets against the efforts of a cult leader seeking psychological control.

While aiming to crowdfund $3,300 on Boosted, the team is also looking to various filmmaking grants, both locally and internationally. The support from the Boosted will go towards paying for the film’s shooting location (a classical Gothic church in Remuera Tāmaki Makaurau), hiring the camera department, and paying for unit and art department costs.

Boosted is all or nothing, so if the team doesn’t meet their goal, all funds return to donors. While high-risk, this strategy raises Boosted campaigns success rates by raising the stakes.

You can support Brian and the team by donating to the Boosted campaign or following them on Facebook and Instagram!

DEGANZ member James Fink-Jensen is seeking support for his new short film’s Boosted campaign. To bring Strangers to life, the team needs to raise $8,000 and only has 26 days left in their campaign to do so.

The five-minute short dwells in the nervous pressure of making that first impression on a date. Protagonist Nigel “Mr Wrong” Wilson, a young and awkward journalist, sure knows how to make a lasting impression. From Nigel to Darcy Owens, the cafe waitress who balances a plate on one arm and impatience on the other, to antagonist Felix Green, part-time bartender, part-time menace, the colourful cast of characters are all propelled on a rollercoaster of their own. But really, how much could go wrong in just five minutes?

James sits at the helm of this project as director, producer, editor, and writer. He attributes Table Reads as an integral part of the development of Strangers and thanks DEGANZ members Vice President Steven Chow and ex-Vice President Gabriel Reid for their guidance and support throughout this process. He has also brought other DEGANZ members on board, with Guillame Arnoulet as 1AD and Kevin Luck as sound recordist.

It’s always great to see our members utilise the DEGANZ community and resources to their advantage. Best of luck to James and co. on the Boosted campaign!

You can support the project by donating to the Boosted here.