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Catch Red, White & Brass, co-edited by DEGANZ board member Ben Powdrell, on the big screen! The unapologetically Tongan film is now in cinemas across Aotearoa, sharing māfana and good vibes.

Based on a true story, the film follows Maka when he hatches a scheme to get into the sold-out Rugby World Cup by forming a traditional Tongan marching band. With plastic bottles and tin cans in hand as stand-in instruments, he must band together a group of misfits to make their community proud. What starts as a self-serving plan to see the big game turns into a journey of self-discovery and understanding of the importance of their Tongan culture.

The film has been drumming up rave reviews and is proving to be the epitome of a feel-good movie. It may be just what we all need after a few difficult years. The New Zealand Herald writes: “It’s a heart-warming and uplifting watch that everyone will enjoy” with its infectious māfana on and off screen.

Congratulations to Ben and all on such a successful release!

You can check show times for the film near you here.

Multiple DEGANZ members’ projects are heading to Māoriland this year!

Jaimee Poipoi (DEGANZ) has two films selected for Te Ao Pohewa, a children’s programme that caters to dreams and playfulness. Her animated shorts, Star Sailors and Who Sneezed, both centre on Philly Whakaaro’s adventures with her friends. In Star Sailors, Philly and Agent Star Shine take on an early morning adventure when an alien lands in her backyard; in Who Sneezed, no idea is too big or small for Philly when she and Elephant debate the universe’s origins during a tea party.

The Brylcreem Boys, edited by DEGANZ board member Te Rurehe Paki, will screen in the Ka Wai Hono programme. This programme features stories of whakapapa, culture, love, and experience. The short follows Kara, who finds herself in the audience of her Uncle’s band from the 60s when he falls ill and realises that she’s been sent back to fulfil his wish to find out what happened to ‘the one that got away’.

Kainga will show as a featured film in the Memorial Hall on March 17. The anthology navigates the thorny terrains of home, diaspora, and community through the lens of eight female Pan-Asian stories set in a single house in Aotearoa. DEGANZ members Michelle AngGhazaleh GolbakhshJulie Zhu, and Nahyeon Lee each directed one of the eight stories. Incubator alum Nahyeon, Ghazaleh, and Mia Maramara wrote for the project as well.

We are thrilled for more of our members’ mahi to be showcased and shared with more audiences.