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Written and directed by DEGANZ member Andrew Blackman, Terminal Lake is a film about survival in these uncertain times. To help bring it to life, the team have launched a Boosted campaign.

Starring Jordan Mooney (The Panthers, Westside), Terminal Lake is a metaphor for the chaos in the world right now. It follows a nameless man desperately searching a desert for water to ask a burning question: is there hope on our horizon? Andrew feels very strongly about the themes in the movie, “It is a self-reflexive exploration of our collective anxieties, hopes and dreams, with sparks of loose freeform psychedelia and a sense of black comedy”.

The film will shoot in beautiful, yet hostile, Te Onetapu and the funds raised will cover the cost of production, including paying the crew fairly, travel, food and accommodation, and keeping everyone safe on location in the desert.

Head here to donate.

Good luck to Andrew and the team!

Teaser for Terminal Lake

Wonderful to see the launch of the dystopian, black comedy series Creamerie, directed by member Roseanne Liang. DEGNZ member Jochen Fitzherbert edited the series, alongside Academy Award Nominee Tom Eagles. The series is set eight years after a plague killed all men, and follows three women who run a dairy farm, who accidentally run over the last surviving male human on the planet.

Creamerie is now available on TVNZ OnDemand to binge, or if you’d rather sit down in front of the tele and savour it slowly, the show is being broadcast on TVNZ 2.

Go behind-the-scenes into the creative process of making Fresh Eggs with co-creator/writer Nick Ward and producer/lead director Britta Hawkins. Fresh Eggs is a six-part black comedy for TVNZ 2, which follows a couple’s quest for “the good life” that goes wickedly awry. Q&A moderated by Gaysorn Thavat, another director on the show.


“If you’re ever doing a story table, ever working with other writers, just never say, ‘no’. Never ever say, ‘no’. The minute you start saying, ‘no’, is that’s when things get really messy.”

– Nick Ward

“There were lots of things that we did differently. We three directors ended up working as like one ensemble cast of directors, which is also not typical. Normally you come in and you do your block and then you go away. And you tend not to cross paths with the other directors at all.”

– Britta Hawkins


This event was part of DEGNZ’s Screenlink series, hosted with the New Zealand Writers Guild.