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DEGANZ member Sarah Hunter invites viewers into the time machine that is her new docuseries, MARAUDERS. Through archive handycam footage, she reveals a never-before-seen side of iconic Kiwi musical group Fat Freddy’s Drop on their 2003 European tour.

The docuseries’ real-time linear delivery showcases the group’s early grit, character, and music-making process. Sarah joined the tour as the group’s photographer, but her documentation took an unexpected turn when she began filming on a borrowed handycam. Now, twenty years later, the footage spans four seasons, showcasing how the band made a name for itself internationally, and the groundwork that ultimately led to the acclaimed Based on a True Story album.

Seasons one and two are out, covering the band’s six-week stint in London. Seasons three and four are out later this month, on 13 and 20 November, respectively.

Catch the series on RNZ here.