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TVNZ’s newest anthology series, Motherhood, drops this Mother’s Day, with mahi from DEGANZ members Michelle Ang (2020 Incubator), Jack Brown, Ankita Singh, and Calvin Sang.

The series features five different stories across a range of genres and is inspired by the Māori, Pasifika, Pan-Asian, and LGBTIA+ communities of Aotearoa, all unified by the theme of motherhood.


Directed by Michelle Ang

Edited by Jack Brown

Torn between ambition and parenthood, a career-driven mother enlists an Artificially Maternal Android Helper to raise her son in accordance with traditional Malaysian-Chinese values. When the nanny judges the woman to be an unfit mother, she must fight for her family and her sanity.

Give Me Babies

Written by Ankita Singh

Directed by Calvin Sang

Meet Ari, a late 20-something MMA fighter living with her parents. Her coach and mum, Mei, has put her on a strict dating regime to find the perfect partner so she can have a baby while her eggs are in peak condition. The only problem is Ari doesn’t want kids. Rather than break her mother’s heart, Ari spins a web of lies and enters an illegal MMA fight to win enough cash to escape to Thailand. Obviously, things don’t really go according to plan…

Catch Motherhood on TVNZ+ 11 May.

The team behind HEADLANDS, a short film anthology shining a light on anxiety, is seeking support for their Boosted crowdfunding campaign. The team features several DEGANZ members in the director’s chair: Nicky Cameron, Harriett Maire, Mia Maramara, Claire van Beek, and 2020 DEGNZ Incubator alumna Stella Reid.

Tackling the various ways that living with anxiety can manifest in oneself, HEADLANDS aims to shift perceptions and build community around mental wellbeing. The anthology series is adapted from and inspired by Naomi Arnold’s Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety, a book of different stories by New Zealand writers, poets, journalists, and the like.

HEADLANDS will work like a concept album, with stand-alone stories of differing genres. Together the stories will weave “threads of a collective fabric, honouring the unease in our lives.”

After a successful fundraiser in 2019, HEADLANDS has nine finished scripts, with production teams ready to go, and platform support from RNZ and Attitude Live. Now facing a production funding application to NZ On Air, HEADLANDS needs your support to reach their goal in order to have the best chance possible of making this project a reality.

The deadline to reach their goal is November 29. As match donor for the HEADLANDS Booster crowdfunding campaign, The Body Shop will match any contribution made up to the value of $5,556.

Learn more about the project and donate here.

Following the success of feature films Waru and Vai comes Kāinga. With funding through NZ On Air, Kāinga will be an anthology of short films led by Pan-Asian filmmakers that celebrates the experience of eight different Pan-Asian women as they navigate what it means to become ‘at home’ in Aotearoa.

The movie will be produced by Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions for RNZ.co.nz. It closes a  film trilogy written and directed by underrepresented female filmmakers in the New Zealand screen industry.

We are delighted that DEGANZ members are among the eleven female creative leads in this project!

Writer Mia Maramara 

Director Michelle Ang 

Writer/director Ghazaleh Golbakhsh 

Director Julie Zhu 

Writer/director Nahyeon Lee


Congratulations to Mia Maramara (writer-director) and Hweiling Ow (writer-producer) who received funding from the NZ On Air and Te Mangai Paho co-fund initiative. Their episode titled, Albularyo: The Witch Doctor, is one of six in a new TVNZ anthology series, which sets to explore supernatural stories of Māori, Pasifika, and Filipino cultures. Each episode will be 22 minutes.

Albularyo: The Witch Doctor:

When a Kiwi-Filipino doctor discovers that her deceased grandmother has become a manananggal, a corrupted witch, she must face up to her troubled youth and make peace with her estranged brother before they both suffer the bloody consequences.

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