Table Reads

Bringing Writers, Directors & Actors together

A core cast – max. six actors – together with a writer + director team OR writer-director will collaborate on each script-in-development table read. The script must have a director attached and have been through a development process.

Virtual Table Reads

NZWG and DEGANZ are once again offering Virtual Table Reads for 2024.

Table Read One: 2 March, 2024
Submit scripts by 16 February, 1pm

Table Read Two: 18 May, 2024
Submit scripts by 10 May, 1pm

Table Read Three: 17 August 2024
Submit scripts by 9 August, 1pm

Table Read Four: 16 November 2024
Submit scripts by 8 November, 1pm

Following the success of the virtual Table Reads during 2020 and 2021, our 2024 Table Reads will take place online, and script submissions are being accepted from NZWG and DEGANZ members around the country. The T&Cs, as per our usual Table Reads, apply.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – this is a great development tool to help take your script to the next level. If you have a script with a director attached (or you are directing), then submit it now.

Actors who would like to take part in a Table Read from the comfort of their own homes can apply below.

Screenshot of Zoom Table Read in May

Submit Your Script

DEGANZ and NZWG members are invited to submit a full-length draft feature film script to go into the draw for a free Table Read organised on your behalf (names remain for subsequent draws). To enter, email your script in PDF to the NZ Writers Guild ( When you enter, please include this information:

  • name of the writer, and if they belong to NZWG, and
  • name of the director, and if they belong to DEGANZ

Please note that the 2024 Table Reads is a new draw, so if you already had a screenplay entered last year, please submit it again.

Writer and Director Eligibility:

Please check these details before you enter.

  • A solo writer/director must be a member of both NZWG and DEGANZ.
  • In a writer + director team, the writer must belong to NZWG and the director must be a member of DEGANZ. If there are co-writers, only one must be a NZWG member.

Call for Actors

Actors are invited to register for each script-in-development table read. Up to six actors will be selected, and will receive a nominal fee as appreciation for their participation.

When a round is open, please register your interest below and the NZWG will contact you if you are cast.

Table Read Rounds

On Saturdays, 10am – 2pm via Zoom.

A joint initiative brought to you by DEGANZ, NZWG, and Equity, with warm thanks to the NZ Film Commission



Generally speaking, if your script has been through a development process, it has undergone drafting and analysis. We expect submissions to be further than an early draft.


All participants will need Internet access and a computer or other device to take part on Zoom. The screenplay will be supplied as a PDF only. If you are not able to print this out at home, you may like to use a second screen to view it on during the Read.

Members of your key creative team – the writer(s), director and producer(s) – may attend.