Table Reads Final 2018 Round Now Open

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A core cast – max six actors – together with a writer+director team OR writer/director will collaborate on each script-in-development table read.

The script must have a director attached and have been through a development process.

Four Table Reads per year on Saturdays @NZWG HQ in Grey Lynn.

How to Submit a Script

DEGNZ and NZWG members are invited to apply for the script component.

Submit a full-length draft feature film script for your name to go into the draw for a day-long table read (names remain for subsequent draws).

WRITER + DIRECTOR* (OR WRITER/DIRECTOR) – Submit script via email to – Please check these details before you enter:

*Either/both must be a member(s) of NZWG/DEGNZ:

  • A solo Writer/Director must be a member of either NZWG or DEGNZ.
  • In a Writer-Director team, the Writer must be a member of NZWG, AND the Director must be a member of DEGNZ.

When you enter, please include this information:

  • name of writer, and if they belong to NZWG
  • name of director, and if they belong to DEGNZ

Actors: Call for Applicants for Table Read #4

We are looking for actors to work together with writers and directors on a script-in-development table read. Actors must be members of Equity New Zealand.

Actors, please register your interest below and the NZWG will contact you if you are cast. You will be paid a nominal fee for your participation.


Table Read #4

Open: 24 September
Close: 29 October
Table Read: 10 November

A Joint Initiative brought to you by:
With warm thanks to the New Zealand Film Commission


Last updated on 3 October 2018