Songs of Praise for ‘Miles from Nowhere’

The new comedy-drama series Miles From Nowhere, directed by 2021 Incubator alum Ghazaleh Golbakhsh (DEGANZ) and co-edited by DEGANZ board member Ben Powdrell, dropped on 21 February to great praise.

The show centres on Said, a young Kiwi-Muslim songwriter in the middle of a crisis. His fiance left him, his career’s non-existent, and his mum worries he’s losing touch with his faith. Yet, he risks it all when he befriends the Security Intelligence Services agent monitoring him.

While Said is the series’ protagonist, the show has been praised for the cast of characters that builds the community around him. Critics have also applauded the show’s dry wit that calls out and shatters stereotypes of the Muslim community in Aotearoa.

Season 1 is out now on SkyGo and Neon.

Last updated on 29 February 2024