‘Sister Josephine’ Fights For Post-Production

Stef Harris (DEGANZ) is crowdfunding on Boosted for his latest short film, Sister Josephine.

Inspired by Stef’s childhood in the 70s, the film explores the relationship between Maaka, a frightened boy, and Sister Josephine, a nun who teaches him how to stand up for himself.

The NZ Film Commission and Script initially funded the film with Kōpere Hou – Fresh Shorts in the 2022/23 round. Now, the team needs a top-up to complete post-production and apply for film festivals. They aim to raise $10,000 to complete the edit, colour grade, music competition, and sound design and mix. This will also provide them with a budget to submit to international film festivals.

You can check out their Boosted campaign here.

Last updated on 27 March 2024