Show Me Shorts 2022: Nominees for Best Director and Best Editor

Show Me Shorts 2022 have announced the nominees for their annual Awards night. Seventeen short films were nominated across eight categories including Best Director and Best Editor. As proud sponsors of these awards, DEGANZ warmly congratulates the nominees below and we look forward to seeing your hard work screen across the country.

The Awards Night will take place at 5pm on Sunday 9 October in Auckland. Limited tickets are available (Book here)

Nominations for DEGANZ Best Director

Lina Tianyue Hu for My Daughter is Coming

A young woman reluctantly returns home to her mother, whose lifestyle she tried not to emulate, realising they are similar in many ways and that is okay.

Sean Max for Out of Service

An exhausted robot who just got off work attempts to buy a drink from a vending machine but ends up in big trouble.

Brendan Canty for Atali’i O Le Crezent (Sons of the Crezent)

With his neighbourhood under threat from gentrification, a young man recalls his youth, roots and upbringing through spoken word, memories and dance.

Nominations for DEGANZ Best Editor

Julian Currin for Manny and Quinn

An introverted shopkeeper forges a new friendship with the mystery man next door through a playful yet competitive game of dress-ups with their shop mannequins.

Richard Shaw for Breathe

A gifted twelve-year-old has developed an unorthodox healing method that propels her into conflict with her overbearing father.

Brendan Canty for Atali’i O Le Crezent (Sons of the Crezent)

Last updated on 6 October 2022