Short Drama Bottle Money Seeks Funding

The Boosted crowdfunding campaign for Bottle Money is well underway with just under a month to go! Writer/director Rebekah Tyler (DEGANZ) is at the heart of the project, seeking $15,000 to help cover production costs.

Bottle Money takes the viewer inside the world of Nelson, a young man forced to care for siblings Leroy and Ramona, due to the erratic behaviour of their alcoholic mother. The short drama, based in the kitchen-sink realism style, will be a realistic ‘slice of life’ with sensitive themes. Yet, at its heart will reflect the idea that love is the most important element of a child’s well-being.

After being in development for three years–narrowly missing out on funding for the 2021 NZFC Fresh Shorts programme–the Bottle Money team is committed to telling this story. Donations gained will go towards production costs during the shoot as well as post-production.

Set to be a strong contender for multiple international film festivals, your support is needed to help get Bottle Money made. To donate, visit the boosted website.

Good luck to Rebekah and the rest of the Bottle Money team!

Last updated on 5 May 2022