Screen Industry Guidance – Likely Implementation of the Traffic Light System

Red traffic light against clouds in the sky

17 November 2021

As announced today, it is expected that on the 29th of November, Cabinet will move both Auckland AND the rest of the country into the RED Traffic Light System “shortly thereafter”.

ScreenSafe are currently rewriting the Screen Industry COVID-19 Protocols in line with the new COVID-19 Protection Framework (aka the Traffic Light System). While that work is underway and while we await more detailed information from the government, MoH and WorkSafe, ScreenSafe has prepared the below initial guidance so our industry can start the mental shift to a new system.

Disclaimer: The below guidance is not official and final advice for implementation, but are assumptions based on the information provided by the government so far. Should additional information be provided, we will issue further guidance.

Read guidance here.


The ScreenSafe COVID-19 Group

Last updated on 18 November 2021