A chance to meet with Rolf de Heer to discuss your feature project

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Iconic Australian director Rolf de Heer will meet with four emerging New Zealand directors, who are members of the Guild, to talk through their projects and offer advice. The meetings will be one on one, for an hour, on the afternoon of Saturday 26th July, in Auckland. Rolf will read your script prior to meeting.

This is a fantastic opportunity to talk about your film with a vastly experienced and critically revered film maker, renowned for his generosity towards newcomers who are serious about their craft.
More info about Rolf here.

To apply:

Please submit to Lucy Stonex assistant@sdgnz.co.nz
Deadline: 6.00pm Thursday 26th June

  • A paragraph describing your film. (200 words max)
  • A paragraph saying why you want to meet Rolf. (200 words max)
  • 20 consecutive pages of your screenplay
  • Your full contact details

We’ll read these as quickly as possible and in the following few days will ask eight of you for full scripts, from which four projects will be selected.

This initiative is not intended for projects in early development, and sadly we are not in a position to offer script notes or to enter into correspondence with applicants whose projects are not selected. We wish you all the best though!


Last updated on 13 February 2018