Ready Pilot One

The Asian 8 and BoomShankar Title Images with the Episode One logo on the right

Two of the pilots from PASC’s Episode One initiative are now available to watch online after a successful screening a few weeks ago.

Fans of the teen genre can watch Asian 8, directed by 2021 Incubator alum Nahyeon Lee (DEGANZ) and edited by fellow member Jack Woon. It follows the ambitious Ming Zhao, who is determined to become Head Girl at her posh girls’ school. But in order to defeat the wildly popular Pākehā heir apparent Zoe Belshaw, Ming will have to persuade a group of overlooked Asian students to help her win. Victory has a steep price. Will Ming pay it?

In an Instagram post, Nahyeon shares:

When making Asian 8, I thought a lot about leaning into the poppy and fizzy. The unassumingly radical act of using a crowd-pleasing genre to inject politics and disruption […] and use these conventions in the teen genre […] but usurp the Western paradigm.

Comedy fans who also aren’t afraid to consider their mortality and morality should tune in for Boom Shankar, directed by DEGANZ member Bala Murali Shingade and co-edited by member Rajneel Singh (of The Unkindness). When an overconfident bomb defusal officer and an anxious dairy owner end up dead after a failed bomb defusal, they must work together to navigate the bureaucratic Afterlife for one last chance at redemption. 

You can also find the trailers for Pincher, edited by 2022 Incubator alum Jolin Lee (DEGANZ), and THAW, directed by Asuka Sylvia (Incubator 2018), on the PASC website.

Last updated on 11 May 2023