Raman and Lawrence Plant the Seeds for Features

Congratulations to DEGANZ members Kishan Raman and Jamie Lawrence for being selected for the New Zealand Writer Guild’s Seed Grant!

They are two of six writers (out of 122 applications) to receive funds from the highly competitive grant, designed for first-time feature filmmakers to develop their screenplay drafts. Both Kishan and Jamie will receive $2,500 to go towards script consultation.

Read more about their qualifying projects below:

Kishan Raman

Rise Up

When a risk-averse dreamer unexpectedly beats his wealthy high school rival in a council election, he now must deliver on his campaign promise: the grandest charity concert Hamilton has ever seen.

Jamie Lawrence


Confronted by the doll he secretly played with as a boy, an introverted bloke must redefine what it means to “be a man” in order to save her life and change his own.

Last updated on 15 February 2024