Raised by Refugees Returns with McGill

Season two of Pax Assadi’s Raised by Refugees, with episodes directed by DEGANZ member Kate McGill, is out now! Kate has worked on the show from the get-go as the casting director and one of the series’ directors.

Inspired by Assadi’s childhood, the show follows adolescent Pax as he navigates life in the early 2000s. His parents immigrated to Aotearoa in the late ’80s as refugees and want their son to get good grades. All Pax wants is to fit in, which proves to be particularly difficult following a major international incident.

Season two dives deeper into the world and relationships established in season one, with Pax now in college and confronted with parties, alcohol, and girls. The show also investigates Pax’s parents’ story more, with season two featuring a flashback episode to 1980s Pakistan, revealing how they met and what they had to overcome to start a new life overseas.

The show has received critical recognition, winning the NZTV award for Best Comedy in 2022.

You can watch seasons one and two on Neon and Sky.

Last updated on 9 November 2023