Postponement Update: Directors Toolkit for Emerging Pan-Asian Directors


I’m sorry to share with you all that we are going to need to postpone the Directors Toolkit for Emerging Pan-Asian Directors. The likelihood of Auckland reaching Level 2 before November 20-21 (the event dates) looks improbable.

Since our last workshop update, the Government has announced the new Covid-19 Protection Framework. Once 90% of eligible Aucklanders are fully-vaccinated, Auckland can expect to move to Red. From our perspective, Auckland will most likely move to Red from Level 3.

If Auckland moves to Red, there is a chance that we’ll be able to host the workshop in-person in mid-December with actions to keep participants and staff safe. Rob Sarkies is Wellington-based so, if regional travel is restricted, we are well-equipped to have Rob teach via video call to a room of participants.

Based on public health advice, you can expect safety actions to include:

  • Staying home if you are sick or required to self-isolate
  • Mandatory face coverings
  • Record keeping and QR scanning
  • Physical distancing
  • Proof of vaccination

More on the last point — to hold the workshop at Red, we would need to use vaccination certificates. As of today, DEGANZ is waiting for further advice from ScreenSafe before we make that decision. If Rob Sarkies is on video call, we will have a Zoom option for participants who are either unvaccinated or would feel more comfortable attending online.

In summary, this is an indication of what we anticipate as of today, and this could change as new public health advice emerges.

Finally, we will most likely need to reduce the class size slightly (12 – 15 people) depending on venue size and physical distancing requirements. As we will only consider applicants who have completed their applications, please remember to apply if you wish to be considered. I am extending the final application deadline to Monday 8 November, 9AM.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kia kaha,

Tema Pua
Events & Marketing Manager

Last updated on 4 November 2021