Standard Online Series Director’s Agreement

We are gradually building a set of standard agreements for use by directors and editors who are members of the Guild. These are intended as a recommended guide. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about our standard agreements.

Online Series Rights Explanation:

The rights provisions are found in clause 6 of the agreement.

Clause 6 sets up a structure where 50% of the director’s copyright in the online series is assigned to the producer immediately. (This contrasts with the standard position where 100% of the director’s copyright is assigned to the producer).

To enable the producer to freely broadcast and sell the online series the director’s share of copyright (the remaining 50%) is then licensed to the producer on a permanent basis in return for payment of 50% of any revenue derived from the online series. (Licensing is a method of dealing with copyright where ownership is retained by the person granting the license, but certain rights to deal with the copyright are granted to another person).

The producer has the right, at any time, to purchase the director’s share of copyright, so that the producer owns 100% of the online series. The price that the producer must pay to the director for the director’s share of copyright is set out at item 17 of the variable terms of the agreement.

If the producer doesn’t exercise its right to purchase the director’s share of copyright, the producer will be free to exploit the online series in perpetuity, but has a corresponding ongoing obligation to pay half of all the proceeds of exploitation to the director.

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