Standard Feature Film Director’s Agreement

DEGANZ is pleased to release its updated Director’s Feature Film Agreement, which is intended for use under a Director-For-Hire situation, i.e. you are given a script to direct.

Writer-directors should note that if they have already assigned the copyright of their script to a Producer in the development phase, they will in effect be working as a Director for hire on their own film unless they have already negotiated separate terms and conditions as a Director. This agreement is therefore appropriate for this situation.

Writer-directors should always ensure that they have at least a first right of refusal to direct the film in their Writer’s Agreement with any Producer.

There should always be separate terms, conditions and agreements for the writing and the directing of a feature film. They are separate roles. Under no circumstances allow the two to be bundled in one agreement.

Where projects are Director-led, such as when the Director is bringing an Advanced Script to a Producer that can quickly go into production, whether written by the Director or in collaboration with a Writer, their ability to negotiate better terms and conditions is enhanced and will require a different agreement.

In situations where a Director is working in collaboration with a Writer in the early stages of Development, the Director should always ensure that they have negotiated the terms and conditions with the Writer in advance of Development getting underway, and have an agreement in place. The New Zealand Writers Guild offers two types of Collaboration Agreements for use in such cases.

Contact the DEGANZ ED if you have any questions in regard to the agreement.

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