Directing Intimacy

Amongst directors, DEGANZ promotes education around safe and respectful practices when working on intimate scenes.

We offer introductory workshops, known as Directing in the Intimate Zone, based on the Equity NZ Guidelines and training developed by UK intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien.

Participants practise developing an intimate scene in a DEGANZ intimacy workshop in 2019

Intimate Perspectives on The DEGANZ Podcast

Intimacy coordinators have fast become a staple on sets when filming sex scenes and nudity. What does an intimacy coordinator do? And how does an IC fit into your team and creative vision as a director? In this session, Tandi Wright introduces directors to her work as an intimacy coordinator and provides tips for working with ICs. She will cover how she prepares and her involvement during shooting and rehearsals on low-budget student films to large international productions.

Content warning:

  • This episode is for mature audiences only
  • Contains sexual references

Equity NZ Intimacy Guidelines for Stage and Screen

These Guidelines provide a framework for the stage and screen industries when creating and/or recording performances of intimate scenes, nudity, simulated sexual activity and sexual violence.

DEGANZ endorses the Equity NZ Intimacy Guidelines, which cover best practice that directors should follow. They can be downloaded from the Equity NZ website.