PASC Episode One Pilots Fly to (the) Hollywood (Avondale)

Episode One participants, Shuchi Kothari, and Dale Corlett stand in front of a red curtain and PASC banner

PASC’s Episode One Web Series Pilot Programme, featuring many DEGANZ members, finally came to fruition at the Hollywood Avondale cinema.

After a year of developing and producing their pilot episodes, the teams pitched to industry commissioners and programmers in hopes of earning support to complete their series. A celebratory evening followed as the creatives shared their hard work with their families, casts, crews, and wider industry practitioners.

Of the five projects, four had DEGANZ members at the helm as both directors and editors. See the list below!

Asian 8

Outraged by the racism at her posh private girls’ school, an ambitious Year 12 student rallies fellow Asian students to support her bid for Head Girl in exchange for finding them dates to the ball.

Director: Nahyeon Lee (Incubator 2021)

Editor: Jack Woon

Boom Shankar

When an overconfident bomb defusal officer and an anxious dairy owner end up dead after a failed bomb defusal, they must work together to navigate the bureaucratic Afterlife for one last chance at redemption.

Director: Bala Murali Shingade

Co-editor: Rajneel Singh (of The Unkindness)


Recreational porch pirate, Mei, is an all-around terrible person but also an avid denier of her failings in character. While her personal and work lives spiral into chaos, she embarks on a journey of moral redemption, revisiting past victims to return a stolen urn.

Director: Pon Torthienchai

Editor: Jolin Lee (Incubator 2022)


A science fiction anthology drama that follows six individuals who have woken from a cryonically frozen state as they grapple with their rehabilitation into the world and attempt to connect with those they left behind.

Writer/Director: Asuka Sylvia (Incubator 2018)

Editor: Dan Kircher


We can’t wait to see what new horizons this opens for our members and hope to see the completed series in the future!

Last updated on 26 April 2023