Ow’s New Sitcom ‘Homebound 3.0’

The new Kiwi sitcom Homebound 3.0, co-directed by DEGANZ member Hweiling Ow (Incubator 2021), is streaming on ThreeNow.

The series follows the trainwreck schemes of two thirty-somethings still living at home trying to get their parents less involved in their love lives. In exchange for free rent, Henry, a struggling unpublished writer who’s going through a breakup, must go on dates arranged by his parents. But, he may be able to catch a break when paired with the foul-mouthed dermatologist Melissa, played by fellow DEGANZ member Michelle Ang (Incubator 2020), who also faces threats of being kicked out. Together, they must fake a relationship to keep their beds at home and get their parents off their backs. The show comedically analyses adult parent-children relationships and offers new meaning to the cliches of the ‘overachieving Asian’ and ‘helicopter parents.’

The series premiered on NZ Three and ThreeNow on 15 June with the first three episodes. A new episode will come out weekly until the eight-part series is complete.

Watch the first four episodes now!

Last updated on 22 June 2023