NZFC Funds Documentaries about Women, by Women

Earlier this month, The New Zealand Film Commission released its May funding decisions. Congratulations to DEGANZ members Gwen Isaac and Katherine McRae, whose projects were two of the three applications successful in receiving the Feature Film Finishing Grant.

Ms. Information, a documentary feature directed by Gwen, focuses on polarising microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles. The pink-haired scientist stepped into the media spotlight during the coronavirus outbreak in New Zealand, resulting in the public’s mixed responses. For production, the crew followed Siouxsie for the two consecutive years of her public service. It reveals what women in power are forced to deal with and challenges the viewer’s perception of misinformation. As the film’s logline says, “Being a woman, expert, and leader can be a dangerous formula in dangerous times.” 

Katherine’s Pacific Mother explores what choices women have when giving birth. The documentary follows the free-driver Sachiko Fukumoto as she navigates the impersonal default systems of maternity. In her search for alternatives, she reconnects with mothers across the Pacific to reclaim traditional birthing knowledge. It will screen at this year’s DocEdge festival in Auckland on 3 June and in Wellington on 8 June.

Last updated on 25 May 2023