DEGNZ Play aims to help provide a non-competitive outlet for our members’ creative juices during lockdown. Each week we ask members to make a video up to 60 seconds long, inspired by the week’s theme, that can be shared.

Stay at home, make a video

DEGNZ Play – Week Three!

Entries from Week Two of DEGNZ Play have come in and are now up on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy! Check our what our members have made this week. Can you come up with a video up to 60-seconds long on the theme for Week Three, NEW PERSPECTIVES?…
Let your creative juices flow

DEGNZ Play – Here’s the Theme for Week Two

Thank you to our director and editor members who submitted a video for the first week of DEGNZ Play! Each one of them made us smile in under 60 seconds, which is gold in a time like now. Watch the 'Bubble' Collection We hope that these…
Stay at home, make a video

Stay at Home, Make a Video – DEGNZ Play

From Monday 30 March, the Directors & Editors Guild of NZ will introduce DEGNZ Play for our members. DEGNZ Play is an initiative to help provide an outlet for your creative juices and get something of yours into production now and out into…

The ‘New Perspectives’ Collection – Week Three

The ‘Movement’ Collection – Week Two

The ‘Bubble’ Collection – Week One