‘Mysterious Ways’ Available on TVNZ+

Mysterious Ways, edited by DEGANZ member Peter Roberts, is out now on TVNZ+!

The feature film centres on the relationship between a Vicar and his Samoan boyfriend. The lack of support from their religious and cultural communities is exasperated when a media storm kicks up around their engagement. The film unpacks taboos of queerness within the Anglican Church and Samoan culture, calling attention to the challenges that many members of the LGBTQIA+ community face when on their journeys of self-acceptance.

The film has been making the festival rounds over the past year and celebrated its Aotearoa premiere in August 2023. It has since collected several positive reviews and played in a prime-time TVNZ slot over the 2024 Easter holiday weekend.

If you missed it on TV, you can stream the film on TVNZ+.

Last updated on 11 April 2024