Murdie’s Out of This World Boosted Campaign

DEGANZ member Joe Murdie is seeking support on Boosted for his short film, Planet 13.

Set in 2093, the film takes place on a rabidly dying planet, ravaged by human activity, and devoid of natural fuel resources. With the planet on the brink of collapse, a young couple set out on a dangerous journey to secure the scarce resources needed to escape to a new world, where they can, hopefully, start afresh.

Written and to-be-directed by Joe, the film reflects on humanity’s complacency towards the state of the earth, speculating on the idea of a backup planet. The title is even a witty reference to the idea of a ‘Plan B’.

The film aims to appeal to sci-fi lovers, honing in on the dystopian space aesthetic, while also striking a chord with those who are passionate about the climate crisis.

Joe shares,

I’ve always been passionate about the environment and have worked on a number of factual pieces looking at different aspects of human impact on the earth. This film stems from the a idea of if we were too start fresh on a new planet, with our current knowledge and access to technology, etc, would we act differently?

The team is aiming to raise $25,000 to begin principal photography in February 2024. The funds will cover talent, additional crew, location permits, and specialist props, hair, and makeup costs.

Check out the Boosted campaign HERE!

Last updated on 7 December 2023