Ms. Information Seeks Your Support

The documentary feature Ms. Information is running an all-or-nothing fundraising campaign on Boosted right now. Director Gwen Isaac and producing team Phillida Perry and Alex Reed would love your help to get this nearly finished film, Ms. Information, out into the world. The campaign finishes midday November 8, 2022.

In March 2020 Gwen found herself in the house of non-conforming microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles. Seeing a pandemic about to hit her adopted country, Siouxsie stepped into the public eye and spoke out to keep New Zealanders science-informed.

Ms. Information is the resulting documentary feature! The team followed Siouxsie’s story over two unrelenting years of public service. The film reveals a small nation under pressure, confronting a new type of leadership that excites, incites and polarizes.

Ms. Information traverses motherhood, misogyny, misinformation and identity through the lens of a pink-haired microbiologist who “just wants to give people information”.

The film is nearly finished so they are crowd-funding to get through the most expensive part, post-production. The team hopes you can find it in your heart – and pocket  – to support Ms. Information – a story about all of us in turbulent times. Your money will make all the difference.

You can donate here.

Good luck to Gwen and the team!

Last updated on 17 October 2022